Spiri Mu Options and Parts

Spiri and Spiri Bundles

Spiri Mu$7,999

A single Spiri Mu with basic 2 year warranty

Spiri Mu Flight$39,999

Five Spiri Mu plus Host System, hard case, extended warranty, card deck, tools kit, repair and diagnostics kit, and Spiri Cloud package

Extended Warranty$549

3-year warranty on Spiri Mu

Spiri Cloud Package$1,499

3-year data service package, with up to 1TB data storage and 1TB data analysis up 100 hrs of analysis per month

Spiri Professional Support Package$1,499

8 hours of advanced professional support

Host System

Host, Standard$3,499

Lambda RTX 2070 with Spiri Mu standard installation

Host, Developer$1,999

Spiri Mu developer installation

Extended Warranty$249

3-year warranty on Host System


Card Deck$149

Deck of cards for camera calibration and visual signalling


Gimbal by Gremsy, suitable for Flir Duo Pro cameras or similar

Hard Case$299

Hard case sized for one Spiri Mu, tools kit, cards and host system

Hard Case, 5 Spiri$499

Hard case sized for five Spiri Mu, tools kit, repair and diagnostics kit, cards and host system

Repair and Diagnostics Kit$249

tools for advanced repair and diagnostics

Tools Kit$149

tools for basic repair

Spare Parts

Battery Pack, High Power$249

Four cell Li-ion high power battery pack

Battery Pack, High Endurance$249

Four cell Li-ion high endurance battery pack

Landing Gear$49

Spare TPU landing gear

Propeller Pair$29

Spare CW and CCW 10" auto-tightening propellers

Wires and Fasteners Set$19

Full set of spare wiring and fasteners

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